Malorie Thompson is one of the country’s most talented and successful media makers. Campaigns and Elections calls Malorie “one of the top voices on the right side of the consulting world” and “one of the few female Republican media consultants” in America.

Malorie is known for her relentless work ethic and ability to mold thirty second media into smart, funny, and brutally effective campaigns that connect with voters.

A Broward County native, Malorie began her political career working campaigns in Florida. After running statewide political and grassroots campaigns in the Sunshine state, she eventually migrated into the media business. Now, after almost 100 statewide and targeted congressional races, Malorie is known as one of the most talented and successful creative and production talents in the business.

Her ads have been called “brilliant”, “provocative”, and “attention grabbing”. Over the last decade, Malorie has served as the lead media consultant on some of America’s toughest and most successful primaries and general elections for US Senate, Governor, and Congress. She has also helped direct media for some of America’s biggest SuperPAC independent expenditure efforts.

When she isn’t producing award winning media or directly offering her not always diplomatic opinions, Malorie can be found on endless conference calls and responding to late night and early morning emails. Her hobbies include traveling, binge-watching Netflix, and, when time infrequently allows, just sleeping.