Lori Raad has an innate talent for organizing chaos, managing money, hitting deadlines and making sure campaigns do the things what, when, and where they matter most.

As Something Else* CFO, Lori has helped manage hundreds of millions of dollars in America’s most closely contested campaigns. For over a decade, Lori has also worked to produce successful media in statewide races from coast to coast on everything from local to statewide and grassroots issue campaigns. Her no-nonsense approach has built a loyal following among national GOP leaders who know when they need something done and done right, Lori is who to call.

Lori got her start in South Carolina politics organizing field operations in congressional and statewide campaigns. She helped deliver South Carolina for George W. Bush in 2000, and later worked in the White House as Associate Political Director for the President. She also served as Deputy Political Director of the Republican National Committee and has held key positions in three Presidential campaigns as well as the 2000 and 2004 Republican National Conventions.

A native of Powdersville, South Carolina, Lori spent two years living in Africa with her husband (doing God knows what) in support of her country.

Lori has produced nationally recognized television, radio and on-line advertising for Fortune 500 corporations and leading political clients including congressional and gubernatorial campaigns.

A former resident of Africa, Lori lives with her family in South Carolina, where the local wildlife isn’t quite as likely to eat you. When she isn’t obsessing over the life, times, and music of Eminem, or forcing you to listen to her Prince playlist, Lori and her husband own and operate a successful whiskey distillery that is routinely enlisted for intoxicating SES* Christmas gifts.