Heath Thompson is one of America’s most successful media consultants and campaign strategists, having helped elect Presidents, Senators, Governors, and Congressmen in many of the nation’s most hotly contested races.

GQ says, “there are very few who are as good at messaging, strategy and media.”

The Washington Post calls him a “star in the media consulting world” and in 2019, the American Association of Political Consultants named him “Republican Strategist of the Year”.

As Managing Partner of Something Else Strategies, Heath has helped build one of America’s leading Republican political ad firms. In the last three cycles, Something Else* has led campaigns to elect more Governors than any other media firm in America, helped elect US Senators in every region of the country, and developed creative for some of the country’s biggest and most important conservative party committee and Super PAC campaigns.

“Masterpiece”, “instant classic”, “bold and hilarious”, “provocative”, “best ad of the cycle”, these are just some of the things media like the AP, Time, National Journal, and more have said about Heath’s work with Something Else*.

Before media consulting, Heath worked as a strategist, campaign manager, political director, speech writer, field representative, copy maker, coffee getter and just about every other campaign role ever known. He led George W. Bush’s historic South Carolina primary win in 2000, and got his start in local politics during the 1990’s where he mostly put up signs, and possibly tore down a few too.

His three amazing kids are his greatest accomplishment, hands down, not even close. He is a proud Clemson University graduate and huge fan who is temporarily out of pocket for about three hours every Saturday afternoon in the Fall.