Charlie Barnes is a veteran Republican campaign operative and seasoned field producer who has worked extensively with candidates and campaigns at every level of politics across the country.

Charlie got his start in local politics at an early age in his hometown of St Louis. One of the first staffers for Eric Greitens’ insurgent Missouri gubernatorial campaign, Charlie helped lead the campaign to upset victories in the primary and general elections. Later, Charlie joined the Governor’s office as a senior staffer overseeing operations.

A natural field production guru, Charlie learned to coordinate events and shoots the hard way - by necessity. As a result, Charlie has directed field production and political activities for a variety of conservative candidates and causes, including Eddie Rispone’s Louisiana 2019 gubernatorial campaign.

Charlie has worked with Something Else* for several cycles and now directs field production for the firm, adding a steady hand and hungry production chops. A native of Missouri, Charlie is a lifelong St. Louis baseball fan, convinced that the Cardinals will win the World Series each and every year. Charlie is also, hands down, the most consistently buttoned up member of the Something Else* team.