Campaigns and Elections calls Daniel Huey “one of the country’s rising stars and advisors in conservative politics.” The American Association of Political Consultants has named Huey to America’s “Forty Under Forty” list.

Huey has played an integral role at virtually every level of the Republican Party. Equally adept at strategy, data, and creative, Daniel helped guide Something Else* to seven statewide wins in his first cycle at the firm, and before that helped guide candidates, political organizations and corporations across the country in some of the country’s toughest races.

In 2016, Huey helped hold the Republican Senate Majority while serving as the NRSC Independent Expenditure Director and Senior Advisor, managing a $41 million budget and winning in battlegrounds, few gave Republicans a chance.

Previously in 2014, Huey served as the Deputy Director of the NRSC Independent Expenditure Unit. During his entire tenure at the NRSC, no Republican Senator lost a primary.

Huey worked at the Republican Governors Association in 2012 where he successfully helped defend all Republican incumbents and was part of the team that successfully defended Governor Scott Walker in the historic Wisconsin recall election.

A native of northern Georgia, Daniel went to George Washington University where he lost his southern accent and accidentally got into politics. Today, he lives in Washington, D.C., with his wife and two little boys, where he meticulously obsesses over anything and everything and once broke both hands playing soccer. Seriously. Soccer. We are not making that up.